Bring 2 pieces of official ID with your bike and we will give you a evaluation on selling us the bicycle. The brand name and the condition of the bike, as well as the time of year and demand for a particular type of bike will influence the CASH amount you can receive.

Clean and repair your bike before bringing it in to the shop and you will get bigger dollars for it.

We look at straightness of both wheels, the rear being worth more, as well as aluminum or steel and the amount of rust, as well as seeing how well the bottom crank works and the adjustments available in the seat post.

Other areas are brake type and condition as well as the shifters and original paint. Thinking of painting your bike? ďDONíTĒ The value will drop significantly .

You can also use the used bike as partial payment towards a bike that we have in stock. Itís a great way to up-grade .

Parts can also be brought in so look through all the project boxes in the basement and garage . Clean them out and bring them in . Better they rust away in our basement.