Any bike sold over $249.00 gets you into our upgrade program. This price was picked as bikes of this price are of a minimum level of quality and last for years. This program is our way of letting you get into a high end bike in small easy steps. Bring back a bike you have previously purchased from us here with the store receipt, and as long as you have not damaged the bike (hit a bus), and its clean and in good working order (there may be a reduction in value to cover wear and tear if evident) we will give you full value in store credit towards the purchase of a better bike when doubling up on price.

Try and find another bike shop that will offer you a great deal like that. We are biking people and want to help where we can. This will allow you to take the time and financial little steps to get the ultimate bike ride of your dreams. Come back and visit us months after you have bought your first bike and with that little bit of cash that you saved over the summer put it towards a high end ride. Or spread the steps over to next summer. Try it, it works.